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"Going out, please come in" old chairman Mr. He Yingming in the creation and development of policy at the beginning of the Exin diamond. In 20 years of struggle, the company has been adhering to this policy, and gradually build a first-class R & D and manufacturing base in Hubei, also based in Shenzhen, radiation window, the world, to construct a new high-tech materials industry chain, in the composite superhard materials, synthesis of superhard material industry continue to create miracles.
Company to "talent for the development of power enterprises," as "talent as the most valuable wealth"; culture and achievements of individuals, is our education standard; we believe, only human progress will promote the development of enterprises, only a person's success is the success of the enterprise.
"Reputation forever, the pursuit of unlimited", this is the Exin diamond from weak to strong, toward greater success from success. In this new era of opportunities and challenges, the company will continue to stick to their own beliefs, guided by the market, to talent as a fundamental, take the technology as the support, take the capital as the link, to build a strong, strong core competitiveness of enterprise group. Let us work together, create brilliant, share the fruit, promote the company overall development with greater courage and wisdom, contributing to society, to repay the country.
Enterprise concept: credibility forever, the pursuit of unlimited; keeping pace with the times, contributing to society
Enterprise mission: to create a social enterprise, create opportunities for employees, creating benefits for society and shareholders
Enterprise vision: sustainable management, steady development, create composite superhard materials industry leading enterprises



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