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Six rules for foreign trade country enterprise eagerly look forward to
Date: 2014-07-13
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In June, Chinese Import & export growth double down, the foreign trade situation has not optimistic. In July 24th, to boost trade, the executive meeting of the State Council formulated to promote foreign trade "the six countries".

The six measures to facilitate customs clearance procedures: formulation, implemented in the national port; rectify the import and export link management fees, reduce administrative fees; to encourage financial institutions to increase support for enterprises and projects; support foreign trade enterprise integrated service for small and medium-sized private enterprises export financing, customs, tax rebates and other services; actively expand the merchandise increased imports, import discount interest funds; efforts to promote basic balance of international payments, and keep the RMB exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level.

Relevant personage to reporters said, "country of six" rules have not yet promulgated, all have been waiting for.

In the policy to rescue the market, local governments want to reduce local rules on the export tax rebate pressure terms. The enterprise wants to increase the export credit insurance support, because in the foreign trade enterprise, determine the revenue quality or extension of the market, take orders, if do not have the market, more "relaxed combined" can save foreign trade.

From a macro perspective, the promotion of foreign trade "country of six" from some measures continued to promote foreign trade "country of sixteen" measures in 2012 September the executive meeting of the State Council formulated.

After the director general of the Ningbo foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Yu Danhua got the news, the first time the Jiangdong District, to the local officials and the small and medium-sized enterprises of the State Council on foreign trade new preaching the principle suggestions. "The enterprise through 'six countries', positive reactions." Yu Danhua says to the reporter.

Travel of people Electrical Appliance Group Import and Export Corporation General Manager Ye Xiangyu also saw the promotion of foreign trade "six countries", he thinks, "customs clearance facilitation and exemption of export commodities inspection fees reduce the burden of foreign trade enterprises."

The annual export volume of 70000000 dollars of foreign trade enterprises as an example, inspection fee of total revenue of a few thousandths. The number for large enterprises is not what, but hundreds of thousands of dollars to small businesses, may be their one year research and development costs.

At present, the policy was promulgated, regulation has not appeared, the policy has not yet been born in place.

Yu Danhua said, the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation on July 25th morning has special meetings to study the "country of six" after the introduction of rules, to be good according to the spirit of the State Council to implement the policy.

As the annual export volume of 70000000 dollar enterprise, people Electrical Appliance Group Import and Export Corporation at present is a headache for the market to expand.

In order to expand the market, people Electrical Appliance Group Import and Export Corporation spends millions of dollars in insurance policy insurance company China Export and Credit Insurance Corp, to obtain China letter "escort" extension of the market.

Ye Xiangyu wants the government to give financial support in the enterprise, or the country to give policy support to reduce the insurance premium.

Yu Danhua hopes that, in the current local government tax revenue growth pressure is lower than GDP, reduce the local government to return the enterprise export tax rebate pressure, arouse the enthusiasm of local governments to support foreign trade.

"Where you can sign, where back?" Yu Danhua said. Enterprises in the payment of customs duties, the customs shall be turned over to the Treasury of all. "Or the tariff revenue and inspection and quarantine fee to the local governments retained, so this part of the funds used to support the development of enterprises."

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