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Development and Reform Commission to promote the rise of central China: enhance the development of the overall strength
Date: 2014-07-13
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The national development and Reform Commission in June 27th published the "2013 points of the work" to promote the rise of central China ", to speed up the" three base, a hub "push the construction and development of key areas as an important starting point, in order to promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization development as the main task, to deepen the system innovation and opening up as the fundamental force to accelerate the rise, the rise of central China, comprehensive, and strive to create a new situation of the rise of central china.

"Points" put forward, to further optimize the industrial structure of the central region, and enhance the development of the overall strength. Speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, increase efforts to support the iron and steel, petrochemical, the upgrading of traditional industries, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries, promote industrial agglomeration, further development of service industry, foster new services.

According to the "points", the central region should accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries, continue to implement the industrial transformation and upgrading plan, increase the upgrading of the central area of iron and steel, petrochemical, non-ferrous metal, shipbuilding industry support. Increase the technological transformation and key technology research and development support, to promote the development of the central region of the automobile, large machinery, special high-voltage power transmission equipment, rail transportation equipment, ship equipment manufacturing industry. To promote the central region national new industrialization demonstration base construction.

In strategic new industries and high-tech industries, through the national science and technology major projects, the development of strategic emerging industries and other special support for the central region to develop strategic new industries and high-tech industries, promote industrial agglomeration. Further promote the implementation of technical innovation projects, the central region. Continue to support in the central area of the construction and perfection of a number of Engineering Laboratory, engineering center, innovation platform.

At the same time, the central region should further develop and expand services, organizing the implementation of scientific and technological achievements industrialization demonstration projects, speed up the development of high technology services, support for the central region to develop new services. Accelerate the development of the financial and insurance industry, encourage foreign financial companies to the central region to set up business institutions, speeding up the development of private financial institutions and for Small and micro businesses, "three rural" medium and small financial institutions, and guide financial institutions to support the emerging venture investment development of the central region. To develop the tourism industry, the new a batch of state-level scenic spots. The positive development of the sports industry and social service industry. Support the development of the logistics industry of agricultural products, promote the upgrading of the agricultural products wholesale market.

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