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Exin is specialized in the development of superhard material. It has achieved significant accomplishments in the R&D field of composite diamond tooling, synthetic diamond material, alloy material, and Graphite mould & related machinery,many of the R&D projects have completed achievement transformation. Currently, Exin has established a brand new high-tech material industrial chain. The featured products are composite diamond tools, alloy material, synthetic material, die material and so on.Arranged, planned and operated by the group company management pattern, Exin Diamond Material Company runs its business in many fields through the upstream and downstream of the synthetic diamond industry; which not only reduces its cost and improves its competitiveness greatly, but also mani...
Mainly used in polishing marble and granite, such as the edge of the stone and inner arc and outer arc. Can lasting and effective, make bright after polishing the surface of the stone, also can produce the surface of the foam filling, forming a transparent organic film. It is mainly used in polishing granite and marble. With high speed, high finish, long service life.
Mainly used in concrete, natural stone, granite, marble renovation of grinding.
Besides good silence effect, this saw blade also keep good cutting speed and efficiency, widely used in marble cutting and other soft stone.
Our saw blade keep good cutting speed and cutting efficiency. Widely used in marble cutting and other soft stone. 
Unique 3V design decrease the friction and protect the steel core. This kind of saw blade keep good cutting efficiency.
Concrete-cutting saw blade adopts the latest welding techniques. It has safe-cutting, high-strength welding, and high-temperature bearing ability.
Laser welded saw blade is mainly used for cutting different type of asphalt. Fast speed, low edge-cracking, long life time and high efficiency production.
The wave shaped core improves blade rigidity, reduces friction, avoids wobbling during working, and is suitable for hard concrete, hard stone and masonry.
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