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Our Mould materials are made from high quality tar coke( bitumen coke ) in eigth manufacturing steps of kneading, rolling, triple soaking, quartic baking and graphitization which ensure its physical properties of high purity, high density and high strength. The final products have the adcantages of fine average grain size, high density, high strength, high purity, durable under high temperature, good resistance to shock, good thermal conduction, good resistance to oxidization and easy for precise processing. It is the first choice for fine mould and electric spark EDM mould. Various graphite materials can be designed for cuntomers according to the shapes and features of diamond tools.
Graphite mould is a device made of graphite materials to restrict the shape and size of products. Our company adopts high quality graphite raw material with advantages of high purity, high density and high strength to ensure the inside quality of graphite mould from the source. Meanwhile, our company has advanced technology to machine the graphite materials which guarantees the high precision of mould. We First class products can be provided to customers according to their demand. We also can provide them graphite material according to the craft of clients. Our graphite mould has the advantages of high density, high strength, high purity, high temperature resistant, good resistance of prevent shocks, good thermal conduction and resistance to oxidization. It is the first choice of diamond c...
Exin is specialized in the development of superhard material. It has achieved significant accomplishments in the R&D field of composite diamond tooling, synthetic diamond material, alloy material, and Graphite mould & related machinery,many of the R&D projects have completed achievement transformation. Currently, Exin has established a brand new high-tech material industrial chain. The featured products are composite diamond tools, alloy material, synthetic material, die material and so on.Arranged, planned and operated by the group company management pattern, Exin Diamond Material Company runs its business in many fields through the upstream and downstream of the synthetic diamond industry; which not only reduces its cost and improves its competitiveness greatly, but also mani...
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