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Catalyst metal powder mainly has iron-based and nickel-based two kinds of materials. It is formed by the process of burdening in proportion, mixing, melting in high temperature, spaying in high pressure( water atomizing and air atomizing ) and vacuum drying. It is very good menstruum of synthesizing diamond. The menstruum we produced has features of uniform particles, granularity concentration, high resistance to oxidation, well and even bonded with graphite. The diamonds synthesized with this catalyst metal power have the characters of good crystal, golden color, even grit distribution, granularity concentration, high impact strength in room temperature and high temperature and less inclusions. The granularity and formula can be adjusted according to diferent diamond production craft dema...
Polyelement pre-alloyed metal powder is the fully alloyed metal powder formed through melting atomization, vacuum cooling of various metallic elements. This kind of pre-alloyed metal powder has the advantages of granularity concentration, distribution uniformity, easy mixing, good cohesiveness, strong bonding strength, fast cooling, strong on holding diamonds and good at bearing and dispersing loading in the course of shocks. The mechanical property and cacuum brazing craft could be adjusted according to the requirement of sintered objects. It has obvious advantages comparing with the powders mixed by machines of various single substance metal powders. It is the main bonder of diamond tools.
Exin is specialized in the development of superhard material. It has achieved significant accomplishments in the R&D field of composite diamond tooling, synthetic diamond material, alloy material, and Graphite mould & related machinery,many of the R&D projects have completed achievement transformation. Currently, Exin has established a brand new high-tech material industrial chain. The featured products are composite diamond tools, alloy material, synthetic material, die material and so on.Arranged, planned and operated by the group company management pattern, Exin Diamond Material Company runs its business in many fields through the upstream and downstream of the synthetic diamond industry; which not only reduces its cost and improves its competitiveness greatly, but also mani...
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