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According to the growth of different kinds of diamond powder catalyst column can be divided into the grinding powder column and cutting powder column 2 series. Are made of pure fossils toner and catalyst metal powder mixing, pressing, reduction of sintering.Grinding diamond series powder made from catalytic column with optimum graphite and catalyst, with a concentrative distribution, uniform particles, good combination, high density, low oxygen content, impurity content, high conversion rate, less in the domestic leading level, and can be adjusted by the raw material formula and manufacturing process of different size and grade of diamond synthesis.Cutting class diamond powder catalyst column series adopt strict craft, the column of the synthetic diamond powder, with a complete crystal sha...
Pure fossil toner is ideal powder catalyst method of synthesis diamond carbon source, can be used as the synthesis of various grades of diamond carbon source material. It choose large scale deposit of graphite crystal good-quality, selecting purification, with reasonable grain composition, its average particle size of stability in a certain range, at the same time adopt domestic most advanced purification equipment and technology, make the impurity content of powder at very low levels, to ensure the purity of the product reached 99.999% or higher. Adopt the pure fossil toner powder composite column, made of synthetic diamond has high rate of complete crystal shape, crystal color yellow, golden, single crystal internal less impurity, good penetration, high intensity, the characteristics of ...
Exin is specialized in the development of superhard material. It has achieved significant accomplishments in the R&D field of composite diamond tooling, synthetic diamond material, alloy material, and Graphite mould & related machinery,many of the R&D projects have completed achievement transformation. Currently, Exin has established a brand new high-tech material industrial chain. The featured products are composite diamond tools, alloy material, synthetic material, die material and so on.Arranged, planned and operated by the group company management pattern, Exin Diamond Material Company runs its business in many fields through the upstream and downstream of the synthetic diamond industry; which not only reduces its cost and improves its competitiveness greatly, but also mani...
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